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Boundary: High school graduation rate

Starting with the 2013-2014 school year, the Idaho State Department of Education has adopted a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate. An adjusted cohort tracks 9th graders through all four years of high school. The cohort is adjusted to account for students who move to or from another district, leave the country, or pass away. The four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate measures the number of students who graduate with a regular high school diploma in four years divided by the number of students in the adjusted cohort. 

High school graduation rate (%)

2013 - 20142014 - 20152015 - 20162016 - 2017
Boundary County School District 101 76.188.880.289.7

To get the most out of this indicator . . .


Ask questions:


·         Do school districts in your county have high or low high school graduation rates?

·         Are high school graduation rates in your county increasing or decreasing over time?


Look at other indicators:


·         “County types: County policy type codes” – Is your county classified as a “low education” county?

·         “Education: Educational attainment” – Does your county have high or low levels of educational attainment?

·         “Income and poverty: Reduced price school lunch” – If your county has districts with low graduation rates, do those same districts also have high student poverty rates?


Dig deeper:


·         Look at the county rankings for your state to see how your county compares to others.

·         If your district is missing high school graduation data, contact your local school district or go to your state’s Department of Education website to find the rate for your district.

·         Take a Big Picture view of your county.

·         If you have specific questions, send us an e-mail.

Note: The "four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate" is calculated by the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the cohort of students who entered school together in 9th grade, while modifying for transfer students and those students who emigrated or expired.

Source: 2013-2017: Idaho State Department of Education, (; U.S. data: National Center for Education Statistics - (;
DATE LAST UPDATED: March 5, 2019.

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